AWS Quick Notes — Global Accelerator

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1 min readJun 11, 2022

AWS Global Accelerator is used to improve the performance of applications.

It can be used for both local or global users but is primarily useful when catering to a global audience.

It is a global service that provides endpoints in multiple AWS regions around the world.

By default, two IP addresses are assigned or you can bring your own IP addresses.

Traffic is routed based on several factors such as the health of the endpoint, the users location and the endpoint weights that are configured.

Custom routing accelerators are used when routing is needed to specific EC2 instances in a VPC subnet.

AWS Global accelerator sets a idle timeout of 340s for TCP and 30s for UDP and will close the connection if no traffic sent before the timeout period elapses.

Traffic to endpoint groups can be limited by using the traffic dials method or the weights method.

if there are no healthy endpoints within an endpoint group with weight >0 , traffic is routed to another endpoint group. Traffic dial settings are ignored in this case.


Scaling applications without changing client IP addresses. You can keep adding load balancer and EC2 instances and associate resources to two static IP addresses which are used by clients and don’t change.

Blue green deployments and A/B testing

Performance improvement for latency sensitive apps such streaming media , gaming by redirecting users to nearest endpoints.

Disaster recovery and multi-region failover and resiliency.

Protection of application using AWS Shield by default and hiding the app behind two static IP addresses.



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